About us

Established in 2005, DLRC Ltd has developed a deserved reputation for being a leading consultancy, with a wealth of regulatory and scientific knowledge and considerable experience in both leadership and management.

Our growing team

Our growing team, of over 80 highly qualified and experienced professionals, come from pharmaceutical company and regulatory agency backgrounds. We have provided our services to over 130 companies of all sizes and backgrounds, enabling them to achieve their strategic and operational development objectives.

Orphix Consultancy, based in Munich, Germany and providing consultancy to US and EU clients since 2002, was acquired by DLRC in 2020 and expands its footprint into mainland Europe, and adding expert resources.

DLRC’s expertise and flexible working approach ensure the provision of a highly motivated team who interact effectively with clients and regulators globally, to support both single issue and long-term commitment to projects.

About DLRC

Our companies

We are UK based with an office in Letchworth Garden City and have group companies in the EU: Ireland (DLRC Pharma Services Ltd); Munich, Germany (Orphix Consulting GmbH).

DLRC Pharma Services Ltd can help non-EU pharmaceutical companies to meet EU pharmaceutical legislation with a range of regulatory representative services.

Orphix Consulting GmbH, based in Munich, Germany and providing consultancy to US and EU clients since 2002, was acquired by DLRC in 2020 and expands our footprint into mainland Europe, and adding expert resource.

Our vision

DLRC offers renowned and innovative regulatory affairs solutions for the advancement of global healthcare so that:

Clients revisit
Employees excel
Patients benefit
Regulators respect us

Clients revisit

Project success and consistent client satisfaction has led to significant repeat business for our company. DLRC prides itself on providing the best possible service to clients through efficient, accurate, and reliable outcomes. DLRC implements a number of policies to ensure safe, fair and effective operation. This contributes to our meeting of obligations to our clients, and to compliance with legislation. Finally, confidentiality is of fundamental importance in our industry. We employ strict and rigorous measures to ensure our clients’ innovations are protected. Consequently, DLRC enjoys a reputation for excellence.

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Employees excel

In their daily working practices employees are held to a high standard of conduct; professionalism and mutual respect are integral to the working and success of DLRC. Our dedication to employee satisfaction takes shape through inclusive practice and the provision of equal opportunities for advancement within the company. This ensures a productive and rewarding working environment in which we foster professional satisfaction and progression, and personal growth. We measure success not only through quantitative metrics, but also through the qualitative experiences of our employees.

DLRC promotes a culture based on respect, fairness, tolerance, lawfulness and non-discrimination. Equal opportunity in recruitment is imperative to ensure the hiring of the best possible candidates. Applicants are therefore considered on attitude and professional merit alone. Additionally, the Company will ensure that no requirement or condition will be imposed without justification which could disadvantage individuals based on their sex, race, religion or belief, age, disability or LGBTQ+ status.

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Patients benefit

DLRC is proud to play a role in the advancement towards better global health for patient benefit. Supporting new and existing drugs through their life cycle is imperative in the global mission to improve world healthcare. The DLRC team has a wide range of expertise including but not limited to orphan drugs, vaccines, medical devices, oncology, biotechnology products, advanced therapy medicinal products, and paediatric medicines. The development of these alongside a commitment to patient benefit is aiding in progression towards this goal of good-health and wellbeing.

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Regulators respect us

Regulators respect DLRC regulatory professionals due to the consistently high quality documentation submitted and the expertise and professionalism exhibited throughout all interactions with Health Authorities. Furthermore, as a result, Regulators respect the opinions of our consultants and any questions submitted are considered seriously.

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Our Values

To further develop a culture based on integrity, that enables our employees to provide exceptional service to clients whilst benefitting from unrivalled professional development and flexible working. .


We aim to provide high quality regulatory services that adds value for our clients and gives confidence to the regulators that review our work.


We act with integrity in all matters and it is at the heart of everything we do.


We train our staff to enable them to provide innovative and creative approaches in the regulatory support they provide.


We encourage a high level of collaboration with our colleagues, clients and stakeholders to obtain the best outcome for client projects, employee career paths and our business relationships.


We offer employees a flexible working environment in their quest for a work/life balance and to support their diverse personal situations. Our flexibility is reflected in how we strive to accommodate clients’ needs.


We respect our colleagues, clients, regulators and other stakeholders by taking account of collective and individual needs.

Our Awards

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the highest honour that can be bestowed on a UK company. DLRC was granted the Award in International Trade in 2017, in recognition of the global nature of our client base. A second Queen’s Award for Enterprise was obtained in 2021.

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DLRC had the honour of being awarded an Investors in People Silver Award in 2021. This Award is recognition of our exemplary investment in our employees and the resultant employee satisfaction. Our employees feel well supported, part of a team, and listened to. Moreover, they feel that they are encouraged to achieve their best, are trusted, and trust their managers and senior management to do what is best for both employees and the company.

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DLRC was a finalist and recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ for Excellence in People Development at the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards 2022. Our dedicated Training Manager, Regulatory Excellence team and Line Managers remain committed to providing a working environment where continuous learning and development is prioritised.

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DLRC was a finalist and recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ for Workplace Wellbeing at the Inspiring Hertfordshire Awards 2022. Our Wellbeing Lead, Wellbeing Champions and Mental Health First Aiders work hard to create a framework for an informed and supportive working environment for all our employees.

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The DLRC team were awarded the Support Award in the TOPRA Awards for Regulatory Excellence 2021, celebrating the critical role that DLRC plays in supporting our clients across the range of activities involved in the development process and full lifecycle of a drug.

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Environmental, Social,
Governance (ESG) & Wellbeing

A commitment to ESG and employee wellbeing are important aspects of DLRC’s values.

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ESG Environmental

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